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Want some awesome custom icons and blinkies? Then check out this comm!
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TeenWolfBigBang sign-ups have begun! We are starting round three and would love if y'all could join us! We accept any genre of fic (het, slash, au, gen, crossover, etc) in both Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf RPS/RPF. Come check us out!

Sign-up!; Schedule; Rules; FAQs

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A late but very happy birthday to both [livejournal.com profile] cocojewels and [livejournal.com profile] fluttershy! I hope that you had fabulous birthdays! ♥!

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I'll post an actual update entry when I get back from running errands w/mom!

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this is for the landcomm [livejournal.com profile] beacon_hills, where we had to do picspams for our top 5 episodes of the show. Believe me, this was quite a hard choice to make!

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I told [livejournal.com profile] dreamwishdo I was gonna do this! Mostly because Brett is one of my favorite minor characters on Teen Wolf right now (and there are zero icons of him out there, plus Cody's tattoos ♥) These are purely self indulgently made, and as soon as I get icon room, I'm uploading some of these for myself, but for now, here you go! Feel free to snag/credit ♥

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33 teen wolf icons

see them here

20 tara knowles icons

see them here
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[livejournal.com profile] allthingsfandom is now accepting members! Every form of fandom is represented from TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc. You may join one of the four teams or even go solo! It's completely up to you. It is first come, first served in order to keep the teams even. Come join the fun! If you join, comment on this link with the form filled out and tell them that I sent you!

Here's a look at what's going on right now. Entries are members only so you should join a team or sign up to be a solo member! I'm playing solo as Lydia Martin over there :)

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[livejournal.com profile] allthingsfandom is now accepting members! Every form of fandom is represented from TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc. You may join one of the four teams or even go solo! It's completely up to you. It is first come, first served in order to keep the teams even. Come join the fun! If you join, comment on this link with the form filled out and tell them that I sent you!
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go and join [livejournal.com profile] xkawaii_pandax and let her know that I sent you! <3
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Ok I wanted to get this up earlier, but I've been busy writing (I'll be at 20k by the end of the night, woop!) so I'm multitasking this post and eating dinner! We're down to the wire here, folks. Only one more episode until the summer finale (I hate you so much, MTV) so here we go. You know the drill, spoilers ahoy! I'll also be discussing my thoughts on the finale trailer and as usual, my hate for Theo Raeken. Let's begin! (this might be out of order some...)
5.09 Lies of Omission

  • Scott's opening monologue was just sad, okay? He's still blaming himself when he should be blaming Theo. Everyone blame Theo. That's the name of this season now.

  • Stiles and Malia have had barely any interaction this season, I'm starting to forget they were a couple. I like that Malia's grown as her own character though.

  • When they were in the woods, Stiles almost told Lydia about Donovan. Stiles just should have kept talking! I'm sure she would have listened to him.

  • Liam and Hayden are so cute and so doomed....

  • Theo went whining to his bosses about how they're being mean to him and he needs Hayden...(more about what Theo says later!)

  • annnnd Hayden gets the silver nosebleed of doom :(

  • Scott's so stressed out his asthma is back...bb you need a vacation :(

  • "We can't save anyone."...ok, way to support your dad, Liam.

  • Theo threatening that Lydia will find Donovan out at the nemeton. Listen here, you little shit I need the dread doctors to put you on time out...

  • Stiles saw himself all dead and mercury bleedy as a sign of guilt, no thanks.

  • Mason being all adorable and helpful with Corey: awww...


  • What the fuck Theo? Telling Scott about Stiles and saying he bashed Donovan's skull in with the wrench????

  • Okay sorry, but that Beth girl chewing off her finger was gross and Malia cares more about helping people than her grades sorry Mrs. Martin!

  • Maybe if everyone wasn't avoiding one another, Malia and Stiles would have actually be able to talk about what she just saw...*glares at Theo*

  • Corey being a chameleon was pretty cool...except the doctors knew where he was and killed him anyways

  • Lydia fighting Parrish in the woods and the whole entire "I don't want to hurt people" scene...ehhhh. Some people like Parrish but he kind of falls pretty low on my character love scale, sorry....

  • Theo talking to Stilinski and making it look like he killed Donovan in self defense, crying and hugging the sherrif when that should have been Stiles' scene. I'm fine. I'm f i ne...

  • Liam and Hayden were gonna run away together!

  • Scott and that other guy to the rescue! And Theo getting his ass kicked by the doctors, I need more of that.

  • The way that Liam screamed when that doctor stabbed Hayden made me tear up!

  • Dear Teen Wolf, why are our female characters reduced to ships? I love my ships, but that hashtag should have been #haydenlives...

  • Parrish locking himself up might have been for everyone's own good, but I doubt he'll stay there.

  • Okay, here it is. The Scott and Stiles scene we were all afraid of. My opinion on this might be a bit different but I don't blame Scott and I don't blame Stiles. Scott has been manipulated by Theo since he got there, and he knew that Stiles was keeping something from him, but he didn't know what. Stiles, while I think he had every right to defend himself, should have told Scott sooner. I don't think Scott's reaction would have been like it was if he had. Also, Stiles kept telling Scott that Donovan was going to kill his dad, he could have worded it a bit different. Scott could have said that Theo told him what Stiles did and how he did it. This whole scene was miscommunication and sadness and I was bawling my eyes out the whole time. The way that Scott flinched away because of the wrench, Stiles begging him to tell him how to fix it. This is not okay. Because Scott needs distance from Stiles and that smug little asshole sitting inside the animal clinic is entirely to blame. He has completely dismantled their friendship with his lies, and do you want to know the best fucking part? He doesn't even want Scott.

  • Scott telling Liam no about giving Hayden the bite. Okay, a part of me gets it. Hayden is a chimera, and who knows what the doctors did to her. Scott didn't say no because he doesn't want to do it. He said no because he's afraid that she'll die and that'll just be another thing piled up on top of everything. There have been people hating Scott on Tumblr. There have been people hating Stiles on Tumblr. Let me put this bluntly. THEY ARE WRONG.

I could write you an entire post about Theo Raeken; the boy who let his sister drown and came to Beacon Hills and essentially tore a pack apart, and is very much a sociopath that if they wanted, he could have been Peter Hale's son, the way that he has manipluated everyone and twisted and wormed his way into Scott's head and ruined everything (I'm kind of reminded of Lydia and Peter in S2), how he's essentially broken Scott down and Scott thinks it's all his fault. How the doctors got a hold of Kira and because she couldn't remember, Theo led Scott to think that he couldn't trust her anymore. But I think that I would break LJ's character limit...

The trailer for 5x10 Staticus Asthmaticus: Here we see Theo saying he wants a "werecoyote, a banshee, a dark kitsune, a beta with anger issues and void Stiles." He wants a pack and it doesn't include Scott because Scott McCall can't be dissuaded to darkness? Are the others so easy to bend? Liam ,he could offer a way to save Hayden. I'm still unsure what he could offer the others. And if you think that Stiles is going to take this, you're damn wrong. Then we see Theo attacking Scott in the library. If this is our cliffanger, you guys can bet I'm gonna be flailing and screaming all hiatus!

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So there was this amazing Teen Wolf icon battle I was a part of, and here are my icons that I did for it!

see just my icons here!

Click the banner below to see all of the gorgeous icons that were made!

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"Shouldn't you be writing?"

"Are you writing?"

"Are you procrastinating?"

"Are you gonna panic?"

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MY BIG BANG IS LIVE. Thanks so much to my artist [livejournal.com profile] qafmaniac and to [livejournal.com profile] theron09 for being a most amazing beta! And the banner below is from fellow Dydia shipper tinderbox210. You should check out her amazing edits! Go read this fic! Let me know what you think!!
WORD COUNT: 37,091

SUMMARY: Lydia Martin is special; the first female to survive the bite. But she wants her freedom from her pack, and has something of a normal life until an Omega in Beacon Hills dropping bodies pulls her back to her pack and her life before. Back to Derek. Going home isn't going to be easy.

gorgeous banner by tinderbox210
read it on ao3 // see the art/soundtrack


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who else hates the new site navigation menu? it's fine for the main page, it looks all nice and neat, but on my journal it just looks...ew. I worked too hard on my layout for this big blue bar to ruin it, dammit.

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go check out this meme by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] luxos!
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Jaymes Young is *so* on my writing playlist now omg.


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